Should how to properly adjust the speed of the milking machine

by:Desing      2020-03-19
Normally, when using the milking machine's speed according to the actual situation, to ensure the milk production of dairy cattle can happy, this request need to be adjusted to a proper speed. The milk factory house to talk about this aspect knowledge. 1, milking machine electromagnetic power control, the change is ambition no-load speed, speed regulation is high efficiency energy saving control of motor speed. 2, rotational speed is ambition no-load speed and droop, all speed regulation method due to the power control principle. 3, the loss power control, increase the droop of milking machine, speed is low efficiency and energy dissipation type speed control. 4, frequency control of motor speed, this kind of way to science, and put the milking machine speed control method and performance and speed regulating mechanism closely linked, clearly pointed out the developing direction of speed regulation. Adjusting the rotational speed can make cows more comfortable of the milking machine, directly decided to farmers' economic income, have very important significance. Hope to do the milking vendors would tell knowledge will be helpful to you.
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