Silicon sheet is what things

by:Desing      2020-04-12
Have to say, the rubber kraal mat family is big, in addition to the common rubber byre pads, insulation rubber kraal stall, asbestos rubber MATS, silica gel plate and their close relatives. Silica gel plate below small make up and you talk about, tell you what is silica gel plate. Silicon sheet is only a noun abbreviation in the chemical industry, its full name should be called the thin-layer chromatography silica gel plate, it is also called high tear silicone boards with high purity silicon thin-layer chromatography. Silica gel plate rubber ( Powder) Transferred to a certain amount of binder spray, its general for glass panel, more popular abroad use aluminum foil to make attached board face. Require board face white, uniform and smooth, fine. Main composition is SiO2 · nH2O, stable chemical properties, except hydrofluoric acid and alkali, not with other alkali reaction ( But experience suggests that: under 60 ℃ in the concentration of 40% nitric acid mist not corrosion resistant) 。 Degree: ( For the indigo, Sudan red, the separation of dimethyl yellow) Three color separation. The characteristics of 1. Good separation effect, high plate number. 2. Spot small spots, facilitate series analysis. 3. The separation time is short. 4. High sensitivity, the spots were clear and non-proliferation. Thin-layer chromatography silica gel plate can be directly used for a variety of types of organic material qualitative or quantitative analysis, in medicine, pesticides, Chinese herbs, organic chemical products and food, food trace impurities and has been widely used in the main ingredients of identification. In the preparation of silica gel plate when most by experience, attention to the speed, the liquid flowing downwards to spread evenly alternated consistent when operating on the slide, and then scoop a spoonful of slowly pour in the middle of the slide to make it be full of the whole piece of board face, then gently town a few times, Mr Tai insulation rubber kraal mat prompt you, remember not to have bubbles. Related: wear-resisting rubber kraal pad looks like?
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