Silicone rubber kraal mat excellent electrical insulation properties

by:Desing      2020-04-09
Rubber kraal pad small make up understand, silicone rubber kraal mat, excellent insulation performance used for electrical insulation, the main chain of the silica gel by silicon ( - - - - - - Si- O- Si) Combination and into. Has excellent heat-resistant, hardy, resistance to ozone, oxygen aging. Has good electrical insulating performance. Pushing more general rubber is poor and has no oil resistance advantages: after modulation formula the tensile strength of up to 1500 PSL and tear resistance up to 88 LBS. Good elasticity and good compressibility. Has good resistance to neutral solvent. With excellent heat resistance. With excellent cold resistance. For ozone and oxide invasion with excellent resistance. Excellent electrical insulation properties. Heat insulation and heat dissipation performance. Disadvantages: not recommended for most concentrated solvent, oil, concentrated acid and sodium hydroxide after dilution. Silicone rubber kraal pads are widely used in household appliances industry use the documents or rubber parts, such as electric heating, steam iron, microwave oven inside the rubber parts. Electronics industry seal or rubber parts, such as mobile phone keys, the cushioning inside the DVD, cable within the joint seals, etc. Contact with the human body is the program supplies on the seal, such as kettle, water machine, etc.
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