Some questions about choose the racecourse fence

by:Desing      2020-04-01
Problem: I can use in horse racecourse fence or horse farm fence panels? A: only as a short-term solution. Horse often across or along the fence down and injured. Horse farm fence panel is welded products, when the horse without 'yield', when in contact with fence may cause serious injury. Collision, tilt and play dynamic damage of weld, exposed the sharp edges, resulting in severe cuts or bruises. Question: but, welding line racecourse fence is more strong than braided wire racecourse fence? A: can't. Woven wire and welding wire as strong or stronger. Q: can I wire for use on horse racecourse fence? A: can't. Barb even touch will cause serious damage to the horse. Question: how much should be high to my horse farm fence? Answer: for mares and foals, please put the fence at least 4 - high 1/2 feet, to prevent the leap, and stretch out his hand over the past. Use 5 feet at the top of the wire. For male horse pen, broken pen and cooling pen, please use 5 to 6 ft fence. Question: my horse farm fence should be on the ground of how high? Answer: depends on the attention of predators, make the bottom at least 1 to 6 inches off the ground. Make sure there are no pony his head can be stretched over or rolling down. Question: the racecourse paddock side by side? A: for mare, not 5 to 6 feet tall fences across. Don't let the kind of sharing the field fence. Create a path between the horse farm yards, in order to prevent the fight and excessive wear. Question: my horse farm fences should be strong to what degree? Answer: design the racecourse strength and height of the fence should be sufficient to accommodate the most difficult animal. Q: does the racecourse fence has the pre-tension? A: can't. To prevent sagging and buckling, you need to use suitable tractor litter or manual slow stretcher, carefully stretching most horse farm fence. Keywords: stable, stable related products: racecourse fences, racetrack fences,
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