Speed regulation technique in milking equipment

by:Desing      2020-04-04
We want to make more healthy cows, so when using milking equipment need to pay attention to its speed, speed smooth, will reduce the number of cows pain, bring more profits to users at the same time, below small make up speed skills is to share with you: 1, the electromagnetic power control of milking equipment, the change is the ideal no-load rotation speed of milking equipment, speed regulation is high efficiency energy saving control of motor speed. 2, loss power control, increase the droop of sheep milking equipment, speed is low efficiency and energy dissipation type speed control. 3, reduce the speed of milking equipment, as we all know, speed universal expression for the difference between the ideal no-load rotation speed and droop, all speed regulation method due to power control principle. 4, frequency control of motor speed, this method is the most scientific, and the control method and performance of milking device and speed regulating mechanism closely linked, pointed out the development direction of milking equipment control. If mastered the speed regulating technique of milking equipment, will be able to relax the cows better, making the workload has increased, also in trouble for artificial milk consumed hours? Come and try milking equipment.
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