Sponge rubber kraal cushion material selection

by:Desing      2020-04-13
A, business car rental car can be updated with the progress of people consumption level, for the desire of cheap consumer goods have been updated. 8 months in Tessie people even change a car. If you now spend more than 30 ten thousand yuan to purchase a buick sedan, due to the social and economic development soon, the function of the car a year later, surface modification, and the price is down substantially. A year later, if you want to change the new models, it is hard to sell old car to 150000 yuan. This means that the loss price near $200000 a year. But if you rent a buick, as long as more than 10, ten thousand yuan. And may at any time to rent a new models. From today it is often a change in the situation of the mobile phone can be speculated that a few years later, often in a new car, people will be a new fashion. Second, business car rental eliminates the chagrin of vehicle repair, annual test since purchased vehicles for vehicles and remaining and culture of the annual yearly check consumes a lot of money and spirit. But if you rent a car, don't have these, whether it's car culture is another reason, means less wrong applications, vehicle leasing company will supply instead of cars, the real-time protection of your car. Three, business car rental can be abundant capital utilization progress if you purchased the vehicle to one-time get 300000 yuan, but if you are willing to one-time investment so much own money shopping, then you must have very high operation ability. That is to say you rent a car and a car match up to thrift one-time investment of 200000 yuan. Do you use to run the 200000 RMB, but also attack a tidy profit. Four, business car rental can guarantee you superior financial situation since the purchase vehicles added, countries will surely form of fixed assets, activities, assets to reduce the fiscal brings adverse situation. The rental vehicle will be invalid to escape the danger. Five, business car rental is conducive to progress in line, to reduce the waste from the purchase vehicle applications, specially is the unit of the bus, without authorization, car picture is more, the formation of unnecessary waste, and if the lease a car, a number can control vehicle at any time according to business demand, the second is car people know my car line, can be indirectly reduce unnecessary car. Invalid progress of the staff in line. Six one thousand attack traffic incident, business car rental, leasing company will try our best to help drive purchased vehicles, once the attack incident, will negotiate with the insurance company, because the owner did not report a case of a claim order, often waste a lot of time and money. 。 As a amateur leasing company vehicle management, common with insurance companies have good relations of cooperation. In the process of solving claims, there must be significant disadvantage.
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