Stable and walk a horse

by:Desing      2020-03-29
6 horses who walk a horse machine every Thai auto walk a horse machine adopts advanced transmission system and intelligent control system, a variety of program is suitable for any kind of sport horses. High quality internal and external ring fence panel, solid structure, can be mounted to the ceiling. Removable horse brake horse racing brake is essential equipment for speed racing, is the starting point of each speed racing fair. Every tiger horse gate has advanced linkage system, make all brake can be open at the same time, to ensure the fairness of the game. The horse gate the overall round steel and 304 stainless steel welded together, solid structure, no acute does not hurt the horses. Using stable galvanized anti-corrosion surface treatment, and after high temperature electrostatic spraying, outdoor use for a long time not rusting, smooth appearance. Moving from 6 horse horse gate - 18 the horse a free combination, simple installation, convenient transportation. Stable rider, workers and the safety of the horse, is a major factor. Every Thai stables, can according to different customers different field, the stable design, practical and beautiful. Luxury and generous personality stable, use avirulent environmental protection free from contamination of electrostatic powder coating technology, strengthen the function of the stable anti-corrosion, and satisfy your pursuit of color. High-grade solid bamboo board, has no deformation, high strength, corrosion resistance characteristics. Sturdy classic stables, integral hot-dip zinc after processing. Can ensure that 15 years does not rust. Safe and durable, easy to install, easy to transport the temporary stables, mainly used for the needs of the activities and games.
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