Stable construction university asked! How to build stable already practical beautiful

by:Desing      2020-04-01
Stable is one of the most important to build the racecourse equipment, design and stable, as a professional knowledge, a good must be built stable design beautiful, outside, at the same time, more performance for people and the thoughts of a horse. People there is no exact formula design, convenient, comfortable stable appearance equestrian equipment beauty sometimes depends on the stable master aesthetic. Based on our more than ten years to the interview with the international outside the stable, the criterion of sex advice is yes, that is: apply the status of the beautiful horse farm equipment first, second, and attention to detail is very important to construction of the international equestrian equipment many stables are not applicable, for example, ventilation performance, for example, the stable lighting problem, doors and Windows to question the safety of the people, can wash the horse brush locale convenient, etc. Why put beautiful on the second? Because many bosses face saving, the design of the stable spends kung fu on the surface, but does not pay attention to details. Actually should deal with human and horse comfort first, thinking to build beautiful again. Application of the existing building, terrain, greening, water conditions, such as show, can sometimes make your design is out of the 'color'. North and south China climate difference is very big, so the stable location, thinking orientation, daylighting and ventilated. Can apply the summer wind to cool the stables, and thinking to prevent the south winds in winter. The design of the roof to consider natural lighting and ventilation, raising of truss method is slightly higher, with switch type skylight is a better choice. Unblocked drainage equipment is very important to stick to the stable future clean, so in setting up before thinking carefully. In addition, the horses clean irrigation district, the medical area, saddlery, Ma Gong dormitory, hay, cloakroom, also needs and thinking carefully. External design thinking is single or double row stables, each stables of space on the basis of the keep of Malay, for example GuoChanMa stables 3 high. 5 meters across, export size slightly bigger high horse stables 4 meters across. If be double row, two channel too narrow. Air antiskid elements such as design, still need to be thinking, generally using concrete, square brick, also use rubber mat. Finally again detail decides success or failure, offer some easy to neglect the problem here: any Windows and doors are designed to prevent the sharp edge of the bolt design can have a lot of good case reference, drain for a dirty filter, all faucets, power switch and socket to try to hide, socket should also be replaced by panel with a rubber cover.
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