Stainless steel box animal husbandry scale, electronic scale load of the fence

by:Desing      2020-03-25
Stainless steel box animal husbandry scale, the fence electronic loadometer, livestock scale stainless steel material production, oxidation corrosion, paint mesa, neat and beautiful, dynamic weighing function, livestock activities will not affect the weighing results, is indispensable to large farms electronic measuring equipment. If you have intention to purchase or details can click here to contact us, I wish you a happy shopping! U-shape (animal husbandry scale is introduced: the decorative pattern The sixth generation) Good structure, the overall structure, strong rigidity, good manufacturability, meet a transverse force is not easy to deformation, surface coated aluminium epoxy anticorrosive paint have antiseptic effect. National standard panel 4 mm pattern steel slope can be convenient goods using the up and down. With stainless steel weighing sensor, Import KeLi sensor) Automatic reset force structure, has the overload protection function. Superior performance system measure, high precision, fast transmission speed, long-term working stability is good, has the function of anti-corrosion, easy installation and maintenance. Using pattern steel wear-resisting, resistance to impact. Zero ( Boot/manual) Adjustable range, connect animal husbandry scale special intelligent display instrument, reading, clear; A variety of units to choose from, zero tracking, automatic correction function. Stainless steel box animal husbandry scale, fence electronic loadometer animal husbandry scale parameters: six status indication: peeling, gross weight, net weight, date, time, stable 24 light touch membrane keyboard ( Chinese and English) 255 of the 100 car number, article number, 2000 groups of records ( Can expand 4 times) Animal husbandry scale range of the input signal: - 40 ~ + 40 mv video input signal resolution: 0. 2 uv Zui big net input signal: 40 mv sampling rate:> 100 times per second nonlinear correction: 30 points in A/D conversion resolution code: 500000 yards of the power supply requirements: voltage: 100 v ~ 240 vac optional, voltage fluctuation range: - 15% ~ + 10% frequency: 49 hz ~ 51 hz animal husbandry scale power consumption: 20 w can connect Zui 8 350 & Omega; Sensor or 16 700 & Omega; The sensor serial port 1 interface forms: RS232 ( ZENITH continuous output command or output) Serial port interface 2 forms: RS485 ( ZENITH continuous output) Animal husbandry scale daily use notice: 1. The animal husbandry scale is a precision instrument, before use, please refer to adjusting the horizontal position. 2. Don't over Zui large weighing range, if the load is overweight, will destroy the product. 3. Please use often at room temperature, not in extreme cold or heat environment. 4. Please put animal husbandry scale on a clean environment, dust, dirt, moisture, vibration, airflow, and as for near electrical appliances will influence the precision of the products 5, avoid violent shaking, landing or vibration, make sure that the animal husbandry scale! After-sales service: 1 product is real enough: the goods we never LongJia, each product are genuine, are honest, please rest assured the choose and buy. 2 integrity is high enough, our company sincerely service for you, is a reliable business 3 to ensure good enough: our company all products are new products, quality assurance! As not all the new product, we double compensation! 4 after strong enough: strictly implement three packs of service, the products are sold on its quality problems ( For the work) Appearance no scratches: seven days replacement, one year warranty, more than the warranty, we only accept costs and provide quality service. Around 5 entity business: factories, companies, and national chain monopoly company integrity management, welcome trading company, we can sign the sales contract! Relevant recommendations: livestock animal electronic loadometer said 5 tons stainless steel livestock scales with 3 tons of stainless steel in animal husbandry bureau of animal husbandry scale animal farms with 0. 5 - 5 tons of animal husbandry and the scale with a fence
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