Stainless steel mobile say pigs with animal husbandry scale supplies

by:Desing      2020-03-30
Stainless steel mobile say pigs with animal husbandry scale supplies, livestock scale using square tube structure, the steel and channel steel material, the price depends on material and mesa dimension, surface with 4 ~ 10 mm thick plate steel or pattern steel; Four layers of paint surface rust proofing; Using a special animal weighing instrument, pigs, cattle, horses, sheep, chickens, geese, ducks and other animals, livestock and poultry weighing requirements, welcome customers call advisory. Animal husbandry scale: animal husbandry scale features: main function depends on the weighing instrument, instrument can be yao hua, MMS, southeast, Tory company's more, the instrument of all companies have peeled, zero, kg and pounds of conversion; Digital tube display color of red or green; Automatic zero tracking; Ac/dc battery, charge Shanghai electronic scale once can be used for 120 hours; RS232 serial parallel computer interface; Can match screen, is advantageous for the workshop and warehouse weighing readings; Thin scale structure, the overall height 8 ~ 13 mm, impact resistance, the scale body four layers of paint surface treatment; Choose four high precision, high sensitive professional weighing sensor, weighing stable accuracy; Configure all stainless steel box, high waterproof grade, stable and reliable performance; Animal husbandry scale parameters: specification: 0. 5 t - 5 t size: size can be customized precision: 1/6000 standard animal husbandry scale instrument for: XK - 3190 - A12E or XK - 3190 - A6 explosion-proof instrument for animal husbandry scale distribution: XK - 3101 matched with print animal husbandry scale instrument for: XK - 3190 - A1 + P or XK - 3190 - A9 + P with 4 - 20 ma signal output of livestock scale and instrument for: XK - 3190 - With alarm function C8 and instrument for on-off animal husbandry scale: W300 or W700 animal husbandry scale distribution of stainless steel instruments is: XK315A stainless steel material. After-sales service: about price: the price for the quotation of the service firm offers! About quality: replacement for seven days, one year warranty, life-long maintenance! Of make out an invoice, to make out an invoice, the client may ask customer service! On the certificate: every product before shipment with a certificate of quality, please rest assured purchase! About the delivery: delivery cycle 3 - after place the order 5 days, with the spot will be issued in a short period of time, such as customer needs non-standard custom, specific delivery time by the customer service to inform you that the goods will ask the customer after the customer service, to provide single convenient customer the goods tracking number! The terms of payment: all products support pay treasure payment! Or the door to buy can be! Normal manufacturer! Please rest assured the choose and buy! About maintenance: if the customer product failure, the door for you to solve the problem in a short time in Shanghai, the other parts of the user by the specific service provides solutions for you
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