Stall MATS of rubber processing the first step in mixing process is introduced

by:Desing      2020-04-06
Mixing process of the bullpen rubber mat and rubber products production process as a first step, it's in business is the formula of raw rubber and all kinds of raw materials mixing, made to meet the requirements of the performance of rubber kraal cushion rubber mixing rubber, including raw rubber molding and processing of rubber mixing two main machining process. The molding processing is in preparation for the mixing process. Therefore, plastication and mixed known as rubber mixing process. Order after mixing of rubber processing and rubber kraal mat quality plays a decisive role. Mixing is bad, there will be a rubber compound scattered unevenly, plastic through high or low, charred, the phenomenon such as spray frost, make order after the processing difficult to normal, and can lead to product quality is uneven. So the mixing process of the bullpen rubber mat production in one of the most important basic process. Requirements in the quality of mixing rubber: one is to ensure the physical and mechanical properties of the vulcanizates with good; The second is rubber should have good process performance. Therefore, the requirement to the mixing process is: 1, the kinds of chelating agent to spread evenly mixed with raw rubber, and achieve a certain degree of dispersion; 2, make the reinforcing filler ( Especially the carbon black) The combination of surface and rubber produce certain effect, stall for rubber pad necessary reinforcement effect; 3, rubber should have proper and uniform plasticity, to ensure the processing sequence after operation smoothly; 4, under the premise of guarantee the quality of rubber, shorten the mixing time, as far as possible to brunei rate increases production, reduce energy consumption. Practice shows that if the rubber after a certain time after mixing, mixing not only to continue to further improve the effect of mixing uniformity, and can reduce physical and mechanical properties of the rubber, and increase energy consumption, thus mixing rubber can only obtain the necessary physical and mechanical properties and high precision, and can be carried out as normal and after the minimum plasticity. Before mixing, must do some preparations, such as the raw materials for processing, quality inspection and necessary supplement opposite glue necessary plasticate, some raw materials need to made into ointment or rubber mixing standby, different formula the weighing of raw materials, etc
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