'Standard drive production behavior'

by:Desing      2021-02-04
Since 2008, the entire dairy industry chain under the strict standards and regulation, let the dairy quality safety guarantee. From the initial 'fresh milk production purchase management method' to today's attention from all walks of life of the infant formula powder formulation registered directors method ( Trial) 》( Draft) , more and more detailed standards began to make the whole industry into the 'break'. No can be accomplished without norms or standards, strict standards in order to make more industry development direction, from another point of view, the 'standard' itself is the 'driver' production behavior, for the domestic dairy market today, the 'standard' and 'behavior' and what of the relationship between?

say standard, once the most controversial 'national dairy safety standards' ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'dairy gb') No doubt, have been 'influence' the dairy farmers at the local level. Dairy gb was formally implemented in June 2010, the number of protein and colonies of two key indexes definition of more than 1986 standard is low, protein from 2 in 1986. 95%, down 2. 8%, the total number of colonies from 2003 per milliliter of no more than 500000 to less than 2 million. The latter was related to media ridicule is equivalent to take milk from flies across to zap colony refers to the standard. New gb standard of low, at the time of the 'explanation' is in order to make many small dairy farmers fresh milk, also to the long-term development of the whole industry interests. Now, five years later, most retail investors has been or is out of the dairy market, dairy farming scale is the transformation and upgrading.

but in the past two years, for the more dairy farmers, the discretion of the somatic cell number is directly affect the raw milk price factors, the number of somatic cells in milk became except protein of raw milk quality evaluation of another high standards. Aquaculture industry, the number of somatic cells reflects the health of the dairy cow mastitis, mastitis cows milk somatic cell number is more, less the number of somatic cells healthy cows. In the reporter interviewed several farms, most of the original milk prices are affected by the number of cells, including several of pasture for somatic cell increased the number of enterprises to pasture milk collection prices fell to the village milk collection. Receptor cells number detection standards, the influence of the ranch began to increase farm environment, cleaning and disinfection work in areas such as the cowshed, and began to strictly enforced milk, feeding the rigour of links. In Hohhot in a medium-sized ranch, numerical higher prices are lower for somatic solution, the first strengthen the cowshed, head of pasture management, monthly to the cow barn to bed for disinfection, the frequency of disinfection should be added according to the pasture. Therefore, pasture specialized buying professional cowshed disinfection equipment; Secondly, for the cow playground nightsoil work on time, guarantee the comfort of a cow field, in addition, to ensure that the milk 100% work according to the operation process, disinfection, carefully examined each head of cattle each nipple, positive screening mastitis sicken cattle, to do a good job of isolation.

in fact, somatic cell inspection this is not in the dairy industry gb project are in different regions in different enterprises have different testing standards. New Zealand milk quality expert Linda McDonald in the second session of the Chinese dairy industry conference openly mentioned in the seminar, the somatic cell detection, no unified standards in China, only the milk enterprise in accordance with the standards of its own, rewards and punishment system is not clear, is not conducive to long-term development of aquaculture. Long-term studies the present situation of Chinese dairy Linda MacDonald think breeding industry in China is developing very rapidly, in somatic cell Numbers, from 600000 to 300000 in developed countries take decades, while China took only a few years time is completed, the number of somatic cells reduce the means to promote the quality of milk. Linda MacDonald, for detection of a body, each country is different, in Europe and the United States generally below 200000 is the target, above 400000 will be punished, in terms of milk, quality always is the foundation of the industry to survive. 'Standard drive behavior, and only under strict standards, as to industry development. 'It seems to Linda McDonald, from 2008 after the melamine scandal closely policies have 5 - — Six years, for the sake of the development of the industry more healthy, more stable, the relevant content is time needs to change.

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