Standard test of milking equipment

by:Desing      2020-04-04
Want to do the milking equipment normal work, the need for standardized tests, so which can be very good to ensure the safety of milking equipment, timely find problems, troubleshooting problems, nip in the bud: 1, before using the standard test, to do some testing on the test equipment, mainly distributed in milk collection tank, vacuum regulator, vacuum pumps and air filter tube. Then on the test points respectively in pipeline, constitute a test network. 2, the test points are the key components of milking equipment, test mainly around its changes during testing to judge whether running normally. All vacuum milking equipment shall be determined according to the vacuum degree of nipple end. 3, after the test, the results showed that flow, the height of the milking equipment in milk milk lining work vacuum to an average of 32 ~ 42 kpa, this ensures that most of the fast, moderate and complete milking cows can be. To sum up, only standard tests for milking equipment regularly, beginning to make its safe operation, so as to better play to the milking efficacy of milking equipment.
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