STE equestrian site dedicated fiber

by:Desing      2020-03-31
Professional training venues, is riding club professional path. In our country, because the local region can not output the natural quality of equestrian with sand, so to shop is a professional field, it needs from the beginning of choose qualified equestrian fiber materials. STE racecourse public fiber material, is equestrian designer for five years, with reference to research the major European equestrian venue fibers of different fiber composition of the specialized institutions, and analyzes the equestrian enclosure experiment all over the country more than one thousand kinds of improved sample development, but also success than in the 2017 Hong Kong equestrian masters to public pavement material field. Due to the development of targeted, STE fence especially suitable in our country's track sandy and soil conditions, good construction costs, no dust, track fences province. STE equestrian fiber field underground available since late 2016, only half a year time has the country more than one hundred horse club and playing in the designer technical team under the guidance of successful shop outfit to use, and admired. The STE equestrian equipment equestrian fence products have been sold to European market. STE elastic equestrian equipment sand fibre bits and pieces, by the root, drainage and water and anti-freezing type. And all can be done using field artificial and equipment construction. Construction, please choose the equestrian designer technical advice, to reach the better effect of STE equestrian fiber optimal point a: applicability, wide to surface. Provide sample diagnosis, complete with such as the case. Optimal point 2: tight adhesion between sand, water and dust prevention. Pull the weak, durable. Appropriate moisturizing, never present fiber and sand separation. Optimal point three: completely non-toxic no comfort. Mutual recognition has been CMA certification and the European Union certification. STE site elastic block STE green elastic block material STE ( Promotion type) Average white elastic block material optimum point 1: specification, not have 'article' 'block'. Rake will not be pulled out at site. Optimal point 2: water absorption, water retention, water shrinkage. Can quickly absorb water, long time water. Make water long time uniform soaked to the field. Optimal point three: completely non-toxic, no comfort. Mutual recognition has been CMA certification and the European Union certification.
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