STE Olympic equestrian fiber sand site design and pavement

by:Desing      2020-04-01
STE sand site design and pavement - Olympic equestrian fiber - - - - - - - - - - - - Widely used in equestrian training, events and venues - - - - - - Equestrian sport in our country in recent years, the rapid popularization and rapid development, for the event venue fiber more and more, the value of more and more is also high. In order to better protect the horse and athletes, equestrian fiber sand area gradually become the standard of the equestrian events and equestrian venue configuration. STE Olympic equestrian fiber sand is considered dressage fence is the adaptation of the most widely in our country and meet the requirements of dance fence equestrian venue pavement materials is one of the Olympic equestrian dressage STE fence fiber sand by STE equestrian fiber materials and equestrian barrier bar composite processing steps fence production with sand. STE equestrian fiber materials were by field fiber international famous chemical and dupont dow barrier bar as a raw material suppliers, and STE equestrian fiber products got the CMA China mutual recognition of certification and the European Union certification testing. Riding with sand in continental Europe most from in Fontainebleau, France. And our country must be independent solve the problem of equestrian with sand, or imported sand will become an obstacle to the biggest cost of universal fiber sand ground. As France LeCheval equestrian school of China expert, equestrian designers together with French counterparts examined more than two thousand kinds of sample from all over China, and the ratio test, found the standard equestrian with sand, eventually ended equestrian fiber sand overall imports situation in our country, and lowered the shop installs the cost. From 2016 to 2019, just three years, accept STE Olympic equestrian club and fiber sand pavement service, in xinjiang to heilongjiang, Beijing to haikou. 。 。 Equestrian designer for our country the rapid popularity of equestrian sports venues standardized work made great contributions. International equestrian and field experts agree that STE Olympic equestrian fiber sand in use will achieve the following results: 1, the rider will direct perception of the elasticity of the ground, the horse will be pleasant to accept set-up. 2, at whatever level of the game, will not slip of the bend, the impact of landing can quickly be absorbed water chestnuts and force feedback. 3, site organization structure has a small gap, fills the air, have buffer effect, can protect water chestnut and horse leg tendon to some extent; If carelessly fall, to absorb part of kinetic energy to protect the rider. 4, in dressage and equestrian performances, fiber elasticity and compactness of sand ground make horses can play a better level. 5, each fibre is uniform sand package, perfect fusion, even under the severe water chestnuts trample, also won't appear floating fibers and sand separation phenomenon. 6, excellent environmental performance, excellent moisture and water saving.
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