Step 11 main operation process of the cow milking machine

by:Desing      2020-03-13
While using the cow milking machine work can greatly improve the work efficiency can also improve the cleaning degree of the milk, but in the use of milking machine should also pay attention to the following points, only in strict accordance with the specification requirements of operation to achieve the purpose of we use milking machine: a, use the cow milking machine milking procedures should be followed to produce cow, high producing dairy cows, the order of the low yield cows, reduce the happening of the recessive mastitis. Second, the cow before entering the milking parlour should scrub cow body, keep the cow body clean. Three, before milking observation or touch breast appearance whether there is a red, swollen, hot, pain symptoms, or trauma. Four of the cow nipple, dipping, liquid medicine effect time in 20 - shall be maintained For 30 seconds. If breast pollution is extremely serious, can wash clean with warm water containing disinfectant, first dipping nipples again. Five, the use of disposable paper towel or disinfected towel dry nipples, guarantee a cow a towel, disposable paper towel paper should comply with the provisions of the QB 3529 paper towel products. Six, manual first three milk collection, check for coagulation, flocculation, or liquid milk, abnormal cow ban on computer. Seven, in a timely manner on the cup of milk cow milking machine, try to avoid air into the cup group, adjust the position of the milk cup group. Eight, breasts are close to the end, want to close the vacuum first, then remove milk cup group, it is forbidden to press milking machine, avoid excessive milking. Nine, use milking the cow milking machine to quickly after completion of nipple dipping, medicated bath 3 - shall be maintained 5 seconds. Ten, medicated bath liquid would now go with current, and maintain effective solution concentration, dipping cup should be cleaned after operation. Eleven, milking machine is equipped with a filter must ensure the normal use in addition to the above main operation flow, also pay attention to is: use milking the cow milking machine should relatively stable, gentle in attitude to cattle at the same time, can't play, so as not to get into the vice of cattle.
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