Straw stalk raising sheep breeding management

by:Desing      2020-12-02
1. Sheep house construction should be north south barn each with 1520 m2 advisable, sticks nailed in greenhouses, high circle bottom, the height is 3040 cm. The sheep pen, is advantageous to the warm warm, moisture, ventilation, and breeding management. 2. Gradually on the basis of the hybrid modified improved ewes elected local larger, more than three tire ewe, hybrids of ram available xuzhou goat or Boer goats. It is worth noting that must choose xuzhou goat interbreeding, reoccupy Boer goat hybrids, so that you can avoid size disparity, birth dystocia. 3. Every cry or goat goat breeding areas, ram should have more than three lineages that avoid inbreeding depression. 4. ZhongYangChang breeding ewes should wear ear number so beneficial breeding, breeding, and file the registration work. 5. Do a good job in infrastructure must match 1 m3 per 34 goat AnHuaChi. Will seize the opportunity is favorable for the autumn harvest, straw silage ammoniation or according to according to the specific circumstances WeiZhu, guarantee the sheep have enough winter forage grass. 6. The implementation of green feed and straw match in the spring, summer, autumn three seasons as far as possible use of green feed, conditional place, every plant 11 100 sheep. 5 mu high-yielding grasses, such as perfolium grass, lamb in order to reduce costs. Such as aquatic plants ( Like peanuts, assembles water lotus as the green feed, such as susceptible to parasitic diseases, really need this kind of education of green feed, should use l % salt expel parasite, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean, dry after for the sheep to eat. 7. A coarse, concentrate collocation in the supply of coarse material ( Green feed and straw feed) At the same time, should according to the sheep's body and nutritional needs, feeding amount of concentrate, every goat shall provide every day 0. 2 kg concentrate, concentrate protein should be 18%, late pregnancy and lactation ewe to increase nutrition, appropriately meet the needs of pregnancy and lactation, starting around the lamb in the age of 15, supplementary feeding concentrate and grass. To ensure the nutritional needs of the lamb and successfully weaning. 8. Timely group according to the size of the age, the sheep can be divided into group, young sheep and sheep, lamb each breeding sheep several unfavorable and overmuch, in 1520 only for appropriate, avoid fight and fight, and kind of RAMS which ewes pregnancy, lactation should be tied to raise or kept separately to avoid fights, collision, cause miscarriage and trauma. 9. Regular insecticide sheep Alfred d, c available sulfur imidazole expelling parasitic disease in vivo and in vitro, the other by grazing sheep feeding into the barn feeding, attention should be given to the ventilation of the barn, keeping sheep house dry, otherwise prone to sheep eye disease, for the eye disease of sheep, their blood eye subcutaneous injection methods give treatments are available, 57 days commonly can be recovered. If you think this net reprint content involved, the author of a work, please contact us as soon as possible. Telephone: information.

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