Straw toppings fermented feed sheep economic efficient

by:Desing      2020-12-02
Corn toppings and alfalfa meal to 3:1 (blender In winter, it is better to 40 ℃ warm water mixed with toppings) , and then blending toppings stacked to the fermentation of indoor temperature is higher, the heap into 30 cm - 50 centimeters thick square pile, insert the thermometer, covered with sacks, MATS, plastic sheeting, or cover a layer of 3 cm 6 cm thick grass meal, in order to keep the temperature and humidity; In pile temperature 40 ℃ - - 50 ℃, fermentation should be 1 day 1. 5 days, can smell the fragrance fermentation is successful, the toppings soft, ripe, hot, sweet; Indoor temperature cannot be lower than 5 ℃, should be placed in the winter the stove; Toppings humidity to hand clenched fingers when it is advisable to have a water drop, every time after the fermentation, want to leave some good fermentation toppings as fermentation teases next time. Fermentation good toppings per 100 kg to 0. 5 kg salt and 0. 5 kg bone meal, match into the corn flour, bran, tofu, carrots and blending can be directly after feeding the sheep. If you think this net reprint content involved, the author of a work, please contact us as soon as possible. Telephone: information.

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