Structure and working principle of electronic scale

by:Desing      2020-03-26
Small make up today I give you a brief introduction of electronic respectively the scale structure and the working principle, introduces electronic scale structure, and then introduces the working principle of the electronic scale. Hope can let everybody know more knowledge about electronic scale. Electronic scale structure: the scale, the channel steel body scale it is channel steel girder, are connected by diaphragm plate series of again, with a seal at the bottom of the plate. U-shape scale body based on the principle of the bridge, in the bottom of the u-shape in support, it has no seal plate and mold plate. Weighing platform girder which new hot-rolled steel cold bent into a U shape cross section channel steel, and on the cross section has multichannel tud plate, more increase the stiffness of main girder, the torsional and flexural, compressive ability is stronger. Electronic scale solder joint adopts continuous automatic welding pulls hair, and weld ultrasonic testing. Really how the quality of the weld, the products of high precision, can fight against basic collision; Due to the unique design, low power consumption. Working principle of the working principle of the electronic scales, electronic scale by digital acquisition, amplification circuit combination and become a way of working. Mainly to weighing objects placed on the table, under the effect of gravity, the weighing sensor elastomer mechanical deformation, make the paste on the elastomer of resistance strain gauge bridge road out of balance, thus the output electrical signal proportional to the mV level and weight signal and the signal after entering weighing display instrument, amplifying, filtering, A/D ( D/a) Transformed into digital signal by the microprocessor directly after the weight signal processing on the instrument screen display weighing data, such as with printers and other peripherals, instrument can through RS - 232 c standard interface or 20 ma output current loop. Shanghai heng newly developed electronic scale fundamentally solves the carbon steel in the process of the electronic scale used because of the rain the sun, acid and alkali corrosion and structure of heat bilges cold shrink and appear scale corrosion, using lower accuracy, shorten the service life, corrosion resistance, stable structure, since the major, positioning, deformation, free maintenance. Apply for public pound station and chemical industry enterprise, port terminals, frozen on anti-corrosion function demanding industry. Above these is the structure and working principle of electronic scales, such as have not understand place call Shanghai heng just instrument co. , LTD. Welcome advice.
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