Styrene-butadiene rubber kraal rubber kraal mat mat is what?

by:Desing      2020-04-12
What is the styrene-butadiene rubber kraal mat? It is also a rubber kraal pad? What's the characteristics and functions of it? And shenyang Thai rubber kraal pad with to look at. Styrene-butadiene rubber kraal mat English name: SBR rubber slab; SBR胶板。 Styrene-butadiene rubber generally refers to the butadiene and styrene as the main units of copolymerization polymer elastomer. Styrene butadiene rubber as the main materials ( Can contain fabric, metal sheet and other reinforcing material) , made by vulcanization with a certain thickness and relatively large area of sheet products, referred to as styrene-butadiene rubber sheet, alias butyronitrile leather cushion. Styrene-butadiene rubber with high hardness, physical and mechanical properties, with a medium pressure, the temperature of 0 ~ + 60 ℃ the work in the air. Comprehensive performance is good, is still in synthetic rubber production consumption is the largest and highest species. Styrene-butadiene rubber kraal pad has the very good wear-resisting performance. By mixing rubber after rolling joint molding or extrusion forming, drum vulcanizing press vulcanization and continuous vulcanization vulcanizing machine made. Styrene-butadiene rubber stall MATS, according to the use can be divided into industrial rubber sheet and rubber floor. According to the physical and chemical properties, can be divided into: fabric rubber byre, patch rubber stall MATS, rubber insulation kraal pad, oil resistant rubber kraal pad, acid and alkali resistant rubber kraal stall, striped antiskid rubber MATS, squares, non-slip rubber byre, round buckle non-slip rubber stall MATS, anti-corrosion lining color: black, grey, green, blue, etc. Widely used in the common buffer to product requirement, seals, etc. Related: shenyang rubber insulation kraal pad what are the requirements for dormitory
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