Temperature control of sulfuration on rubber kraal mat production

by:Desing      2020-04-12
With rubber kraal mat knows, vulcanization temperature directly affect the curing speed, generally described using vulcanization temperature coefficient. Vulcanization temperature coefficient is under specific temperature, time needed for rubber reaches a certain degree of cure and difference in temperature 10 ℃ under the condition of the ratio of the corresponding time required. Control and reasonable curing temperature, for the performance of the rubber has a great influence, especially in the rubber sheet, rubber stall MATS, rubber floor on the finished product. Choose higher curing temperature vulcanization, can improve the production efficiency, but the curing temperature rise is subject to various conditions. Because the rubber is bad conductors, to replace the thick products, using high temperature and is difficult to make the inner and outer layer rubber colleagues are in the range of sulfide flat; All kinds of rubber high temperature resistant ability is different also, high temperature can make some rubber performance; Temperature is too high for products plays a role of damage the fabric also. Sulfide thick, the pattern of complex products consider flow and need full time in the model the infiltration into the fiber. Sulfide in recent years has gradually to develop in the direction of high temperature vulcanization, injection pressure sulfide, electric heating plate vulcanizing and continuous vulcanization to melt the heating medium, using high temperature vulcanization, several kinds of rubber are the highest temperature is as follows: natural rubber best curing temperature 160 ℃ or less, can withstand the maximum temperature of 200 ℃. Neoprene best curing temperature 170 ℃ or less, can withstand the maximum temperature of 300 ℃. Styrene-butadiene rubber best curing temperature - 150 190 ℃, can withstand the maximum temperature of 300 ℃. Silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, the best curing temperature 200 ℃; Nitrile rubber best curing temperature - 150 190℃。
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