Thailand rubber farmers demonstrating to glue

by:Desing      2020-04-11
Insulating rubber kraal pad - Thailand rubber farmers to force the glue price and launch a growing demonstrations, authorities warned that if the protests led to the closing of airports, will not hesitate to use force. Recently, thousands of farmers to block the day before yesterday to the airport in southern Thailand a major highway. Since August 23, southern Thailand rubber farmers will continue to protest, called on the government intervention rubber falling prices. Protests led to the suspension of transport and logistics system not only, also led to violent conflict, causing casualties. In order to quell the protests, the Thai cabinet 3 approval from the central budget allocated to 56. 200 million baht ( About 1. 1 billion yuan) Subsidies to farmers. Rubber farmers receive subsidies is that every ( 1 lai = 1600 square meters) Land 1260 baht, no more than 10 per person. Is expected to have 980000 farmers can get subsidies. Farmers are not satisfied with the subsidy program, however, insisted that the government will be the minimum purchase price of rubber in the 120 baht (per kg About 24 yuan) 。 After the government rejected this request again, about 3000 farmers rushed to the day before yesterday surat thani province ( 苏拉Thani) Main roads leading to element le international airport, blocked a main road outside the airport about one kilometer, to paralyze the roads to the airport. Rubber farmers in five separate protests, a total of about 20000. Rubber farmers support main opposition Democratic Party, accused the British government to take care of the support of the government's only m farmers, introduced to buy rice for them, but ignored the rubber farmers in the south. Thai deputy prime minister prachanda check in Bangkok said: 'in any case, the government is absolutely not allow anyone to block the airport. This will not only affect the image of our country, more will destroy our tourism industry. Protesters in if the airport is closed, we have no way to take by force. 'After the authorities sent about 200 police chasing protesters, restore the traffic. According to insulation rubber kraal mat, rubber farmers about demonstrations is in relevant government personnel to negotiate, as for the glue will get government support remains to be seen.
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