The advantage of PVC guardrail

by:Desing      2020-04-01
What are you want to know the characteristics of PVC racecourse guardrail? Next is I introduce for you: 1, do not need to paint, and maintenance, long new not old, equestrian fence from your preventive maintenance Ma Shuchang households toil and trouble, low comprehensive cost. 2, making it is easy to install, Ma Shuchang households connected by patent of bearing type equestrian fence fence or proprietary track connection accessories for installation, greatly enhance the efficiency of the installation. 3, various specifications, a variety of modelling track fences you choose, both in Europe and the PVC horse farm fence style and the modern fashion. 4, security, environmental protection, the people ( Livestock) Harmless, even didn't mean to hit a fence wouldn't like steel, iron fence that cuts. 5, guardrail lumen with galvanized steel or aluminum alloy enhanced line, with sufficient strength and impact resistance, make the PVC guardrail beautiful both the strength of the steel and PVC. 6, using the special formula and special uv absorber, not faded, not yellow, not peeling, no crack, no blister, no bug eat by moth.
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