The advantages and design specification of fence PVC guardrail for daily use

by:Desing      2020-04-01
PVC parapet high strength of the material of PVC extrusion, cohesive components using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic injection materials. Not injured when appearance lubrication, touching, knock against. Its weather resistance and corrosion resistance than steel, iron, wood. Greatly reduces the day-to-day maintenance costs. PVC parapet style diversity, can satisfy different aesthetic, different needs, in ancient style tendency on the compare of heavy and complicated and lively style, but the fire, can the racecourse guardrail blend of PVC with surroundings, its structure and node Ma Shuchang fence assembled door has screws and track two kinds, assembled simple and reliable, compared with metal railings, undertake fence type of track structure, on the warp and woof of simple and quick but also has good node strength, equestrian fence and perceptual, controllable in construction and quality of life scale easier words of consumption, and product standardization Ma Shuchang. PVC parapet equestrian horse farm fence fence railing design standard PVC rail load resistance degree; Residential building should be not less than 500 n/m, occupied the place should not be less than 1000 n/n. Guardrail data should choose to have good weather resistance and durability, and roof of the corridor outside balcony, suffer, sprinkle in the middle of the rain, may choose wood and aging of composite plastic, etc. The rail height and vertical pole spacing fit ( ( Residential design standards) ) GB50096 standards, multi-storey residential and below and above the airport rail height of not less than 1. 5 m, PVC guardrail high-level residential airport rail height not less than 1. 1 m, the height of the floor stair railing and French window rail maintenance is not lower than 0. Degree of 9 m, stair rail length is greater than zero. When its 50 m height not less than 1. 05 m rail vertical bar net distance not greater than 0. 11 m using the vertical bar, adopt measures to avoid children to climb. Rail should understand the style design, the width of the high data types, PVC guardrail shall also have the cohesion and fixed structure detail drawing and understand specifications of bar and wall thickness, etc.
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