The advantages and disadvantages of stable

by:Desing      2020-03-28
Design good stable, can maintain the horses in bad weather conditions, adhere to the boring of the horse, at the same time to ensure the fresh air and enough light, avoid the horses are damaged. Stable demand enough space to ensure that the horse comfortable health, work efficiency, luggage, horses nurse job convenience, safety, and horse farm equipment. In fact, as long as the complex shelter stable of rangeland can also successfully foster horse. The stable is the common characteristics of horses residence with horses most of the time in the stable or just some time in the stable. Stable interest VS rangeland shelter interest ( 1) The advantage of stable l care and management to provide shelter for the horse racecourse equipment. L can see horses nearby, in limited space by personal care. L after understand training or activity plan, better adjustment horses food intake. L as a shelter, adhere to the horses for the winter after work, play and shearing racecourse equipment form. L compared with wet and muddy rangeland, stable can let horse stick to clean, to make them safer. ( 2) The disadvantages of stable l stable job needs more managers and attention, such as clean stables, mat stables, one day repeatedly feeding horses, add water and activities. L don't reasonable care and training will cause health conditions may cause poor horse horse develop vice 'stable'. L stable construction and maintenance costs are much higher than pasture grazing. L is stable if the design or management, health is very adverse to horses. Such as wetting, high ammonia content, horses strain, construction risk, etc.
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