The advantages and disadvantages of wrought iron fence and zinc steel guardrail

by:Desing      2020-03-31
Now more common barriers on the market, should still belong to zinc steel and cast iron materials guardrail, absolutely in some optimal advantage of these two kinds of guardrail you understand? Let small make up take you to think about our days in compare with rare, wrought iron fence and zinc steel guardrail optimum advantage. 1, racetrack fence watching from the outside, wrought iron fence is complicated, zinc steel guardrail refined beauty. Wrought iron fence looks rough, easy rusty, color is more monotonous. Zinc steel guardrail shine beautiful, rich color, can according to customer's requirement to allocate color. 2, use full welding racetrack, wrought iron railing guardrail join method, combined with the racetrack fence, wrought iron way is changeable, easy to rust equipment more than having to solder joints. Zinc steel rail choose punching type, connection accessories racetrack guardrail and bolt connection, racetrack guardrail according to the specification of material only when equipment, good connection accessories racetrack fence can, simple and convenient and robust, there is no better antirust solder joint. 3, will tell from the persistence, wrought iron guardrail choose brush paint anticorrosion, ordinary brush paint can only insist on 3 - at a time 5 years, lacquer layer easy fade fall off. Zinc steel guardrail choose hot-dip zinc substrate chemical anti-corrosion effect, prevent the base material from inner to outer by rustily. Zinc phosphating strengthen the adhesion of coating film and substrate. Inorganic zinc strengthened epoxy powder coating anticorrosive function and impact resistant function. Color polyester powder coating, uv resistance, durable resistance to dirty self-cleaning and appearance. Zinc steel profiles of multi-layer anti-corrosion technology, make the zinc steel guardrail weatherability, can insist is not fading, 20 years does not rust. Jing xin produced by zinc steel guardrail products, material selection of Q235 steel, anticorrosion treatment after the appearance, appearance is also chooses import powder, make its appearance, color bright, durable do not fade, durable like new.
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