The analysis of the causes of pulsator not pulse

by:Desing      2020-04-05
- - - - - - 0 - The analysis of the causes of 0 pulsator not pulsating pulsator when operate may appear some fault, I for the cause of above pulsator not pulsation in the introduction of this paper have certain knowledge and understanding. But users don't have to worry, these are normal phenomenon, without which a product is absolutely no fault so when they have a problem I can to dispose according to different situations, according to the product without pulsation, there are several factors (1) pulsator pulse, this is mainly due to the slide valve for reciprocating motion, no pulsation pressure output this fault is rare in the cold winter in the north, often using the environment temperature in Celsius below zero, especially before use in Celsius below zero, due to the environmental temperature is too low, the slider has been frozen on the slide, so when using pulse. In addition, the low temperature condition, the crack of rubber diaphragm harden or also is the main reason that leads to no pulse. Elimination method milking machine after use to where ~ ℃ above, it can be also break down in a warm place, when used to mount. (2) for the base board of this kind of equipment did not put in place during the installation, or in the work of gas leakage caused by vibration and sliding out also can appear not fluctuating phenomenon. Troubleshooting methods device in place. (3) pulsator water bucket type milking machine, in particular, generally in a barrel cover, users in the milking machine cleaning, sometimes the lid is easy to cause water submerged in water. When the air chamber or throttling hole filled with water, no pulsation phenomenon occurs. Troubleshooting methods apart after the removal of water. Hope everyone in the future when using can be according to the actual circumstances of the equipment operation and maintenance, hope will be helpful to you.
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