The analysis of the electronic scale display failure

by:Desing      2020-03-27
Electronic scale is often use a product. Electronic scale is known to all want to normal use for a long time to display. But everyone in the process of using our electronic scale display also may appear some fault, should be how to deal with this time? Take a look at this small make up today to bring us the electronic scale display failure analysis. Digital display generally consists of digital circuit and decoding circuit, filter circuit, A/D conversion and so on, the digital circuit including main processor, processor, memory, keyboard and display and so on. 07 table 8142 type instrument, for example, to find the fault according to the following steps: 1. Electronic scale digital display electricity without display, should check the relay, the Angle of the voltage is normal. If normal, check & plusmn; 5 v, ± 39 15 v, v, ± 12. 5 v voltage reference source is normal. Two of these & plusmn; 5 v power supply, a set for logic circuit, a group for fluorescent display filament. ± 15 v for analog circuit, 39 v for fluorescence digital works, & plusmn; 12. If 5 v is sensor excitation voltage, the voltage is not normal, check the corresponding power supply circuit. 2. Electronic scale display if there is a show, but it can't self-check, show 6 August, you should first consult & plusmn; 5 v exists. If present, indicates that the key check the main processor, 8031 coprocessor 8042, 6118 and two display drive peripheral circuit. 3. If electronic scale display self-inspection after registering or self-inspection process & other; The 333333 & quot; Or show less strokes are focusing on 8042 and 6118 and around the circuit. 4. Displays an error code appears after the self-inspection, depending on the corresponding code malfunction, if appear & other; E” , check 8031, EPROM, etc. 5. Electronic scale after self-checking display & other; J2OFF” , W2 cannot enter setup program after the nipple, is generally non-volatile memory Xa010 damage. 6. Electronic scale after self-checking digital lock or no show or display readings drift, the basic normal instrument digital circuits, analog circuit fault should be part of the search. If through the above these methods can't solve your problems of electronic scales, please contact us, we will be rushed to the scene at the speed of the block, feasible solutions are presented. In this paper, by the Shanghai heng electronic scale small make up finishing just instrument co. , LTD. , thank you for your support all long. If you still have what not understand of place, welcome to inquire. Partners also like to read this article about how much do you know about electronic scale debugging!
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