The appropriate 'rest' make fluorine rubber performance better

by:Desing      2020-04-13
Mr Tai insulation rubber kraal mat feel, not rest will not work, people is such, fluorine rubber and so on. Rest of fluorine rubber were adjusted properly, will make fluorine rubber performance better. Why do you say that? First, in the process of mixing rubber, rubber macromolecule chain by mixing mechanical shear force, tearing force and friction force to remove, make rubber macromolecular chain is in a state of relative stability, prevent sulfide after deformation, shrinkage; Second, make all kinds of additives further dispersed evenly in the rubber, big points in the chain to further penetrate the rubber, and rubber macromolecule chain absorption, affinity, occluded, form more gel ( Tolerance of rubber) , improve the rubber reinforcing effect; Third, make mixing rubber by rough hard with flexibility, mobility, reduce the shrinkage and appearance of the product defects, etc. ; Fourth, the use of mixing rubber park, can perform a quick check of the properties, whether mixed glue the desired property index requirements. If some indicators ( Such as plasticity, hardness, etc. ) , mixing, can be added to prevent mixing directly in production process caused by unnecessary loss. After mixing rubber park before use, generally must carry on the back. Mainly include coarse and fine smelting smelting, and fluorine rubber mixing rubber mixing rubber is different with general: back to the purpose and use of smelting is: 1, make all kinds of additives in the rubber further dispersed evenly; 2, failure in the park has formed in the mixed gel of degeneration of the gel, make it soft rubber, facilitate the forming operation; 3, improve liquidity and self-adhesive rubber ( Because of the fluorine rubber adhesion sex is bad, it's easy to have a double skin, appearance quality problem such as craze, lack of glue, rounded corners) For molding process and operation process; 4, to improve the quality of the appearance of the finished product and qualification rate. Insulating rubber kraal mat tips, park of fluorine rubber mixing rubber return refined after the next little while generally according to the actual need, adjust the roller spacing out. After the piece, don't water cooling, direct use polypropylene film isolation coiling. Set aside. Otherwise, fluorine rubber mixing rubber easy absorption of moisture, make the product appear bubbles, delaminating, crack, lack of glue or other product quality problems. Product wants elaborate design, careful construction, careful operation, to the high-quality goods. Related: rubber kraal pad for how much do you know about the respective characteristics of family members
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