The balancing process of the milking machine

by:Desing      2020-03-24
Want good milking machine operation, j you need to understand its balance process, balance correction on the device, specific operation method, the following detailed explain for everybody. 1, milking machine to do static balance correction, eliminate the large amount of unbalance. Assembly on the balance of tooling equipment, using static balance balance correction; Or the dynamic balancing machine roller bearing frame as a static balance, disconnect and balancing machine transmission mechanism, a static balance calibration of equipment. 2, then the use of dynamic balancing machine in low speed double-faced dynamic balance correction. Low speed, centrifugal force corresponding to reduce, increase safety factor. 3, use normal balance speed to carry on the double-faced dynamic balance correction. Check equipment residual unbalance, must consider the universal coupling, such as balance tooling can bring bigger error, so the measurement of residual inequality measure should be less than the allowable amount of unbalance value after the compression 1/3 or 1/2 times, so as to ensure the milking machine after heat into the pump shaft rotor remaining uneven measure qualified. In the use of milking machine, we need first to certain corrective devices, to guarantee the equipment under the condition of the equilibrium stability, well run, everyone in their own operating equipment, can according to the method given in the paper the debugging your own equipment.
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