The benefits of rubber kraal pad injection molding method

by:Desing      2020-04-12
Injection molding is one of the basic process kraal mat of rubber processing, it is the rubber directly by the barrel injection model, complete molding and curing methods of production process. Mainly used in rubber shoes, seal products and damping products manufacturing. In rubber stall MATS, rubber flooring, and other products, is also often used in the production of the method advantage is shaping curing cycle short, less waste removal, high production efficiency, the forming and vulcanization process, process simple, reduce the labor intensity, improve the degree of mechanization and the quality of the products, but products of anisotropic problems. Injection molding process for feeding, plasticizing, injection, vulcanization and demoulding five processes. According to the structure classification has a screw injection machine, plunger, reciprocating and screw four plastic plunger type, etc. Vulcanization mold structure is relatively complex, made up of model and dynamic model of two parts, to bear high temperature and high pressure, high strength steel production, and fine processing. Clamping device is full of mechanization and automation operation, its hydraulic and mechanical transmission means has two ways, but the commonly used hydraulic - Mechanical combination, requires adequate clamping force. Injection molding process is the key in the appropriate temperature and pressure conditions, make the rubber to obtain good liquidity, in the shortest possible molding cycle, obtained the quality qualified products.
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