The bulls played equestrian obstacles?

by:Desing      2020-04-01
Can you imagine a bull jumping obstacles? Strasbourg, France has such a play equestrian obstacle bull. This cow named 'aston', the host is horse trainer sabe, the. The fabulous news website reported that the lost one five years ago with 20 years of horses, heartache, unable to contact the horse, focus on dairy cattle, near to witness one of the cows pregnancy and production. The cow gave birth to the mavs is 'aston. The think that may be 'aston' in cow stomach kept hearing her voice, after the birth of intimacy with her. At the age of 11, 'aston' the adoption of kid and its mother. At the same time, she took the foal 'Sammy' go home, want to field fiber it trained horse racing. In the process of training, 'aston' be around master, unexpectedly learn some equestrian barrier bar skills. Learn to listen to the equestrian obstacles my instruction, let it go away. At that time, I think, when it grew up some, I want to ride it, Barriers to) 。 '1. 3 tons of 'aston' is used to let people ride a bit difficult. Fortunately it likes the equestrian obstacles and master enough patience. 'Aston' get used to the stable chest more on a rope, back much more than a thin blanket, neck a collar, to use space more than a year time used to back up the fiber. It learning barriers, barrier bar three years ago to start, gradually. 'When it is it let me feel happy,' the said, 'it would be very proud. '' aston now familiar with following orders mince, run, stop, back, and turn to carry on the barrier across a metre high. 'Aston' to show everywhere, always can harvest warm applause, on social networking sites attract many fans. ( Disclaimer: the article from the Xinhua News Agency)
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