The cause of milking machine friction

by:Desing      2020-03-24
Milking machine by a variety of accessories, if the installation is not appropriate, will therefore accessories and other issues, the friction between affect the normal use of milking equipment. The causes of friction besides improperly installed what? 1: poor lubrication, because of the new assembly parts fit clearance is small, and due to other reasons, such as assembly lubricants ( Fat) Not easily formed in the friction surface oil film evenly and to prevent wear and tear. Reducing lubrication performance, causing the early abnormal wear milking machine accessories. Caused serious precision of friction surface scratch or bite phenomenon, lead to failure. 2, leakage phenomenon: because of loose milking machine accessories, the influence of vibration and pulsation is heated, the sealing surface and the place such as pipe joint, there will be a leakage phenomenon; Part of the casting defects, such as hard to find during assembly and debugging, but due to the vibration and impact in the process of operation, this kind of defects are exposed, show the leakage ( Permeability) Oil. 3, fast wear: thanks to new milking machine accessories parts processing, assembly and debugging, the influence of such factors as cooperate with the surface contact area is lesser, and the allowable torque is larger. In the process of running, concave and convex part chimeric friction each other on the surface of the parts, grinding of metal debris fall, and as an abrasive, continue to participate in friction, accelerate the abrasion on the surface of the parts with more. Milking machine parts in circulation under the action of contact stress, make the surface fatigue and produce the material loss, affect the use of the whole machine, so to make corresponding measures according to these factors.
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