The cause of the deformation of milking machine

by:Desing      2020-04-03
Milking machine the cause of the deformation means milking machine milking is to stop when demand the use of equipment, and many central also start using milking machine to replace artificial to stop work, so the use or consumption at every step is crucial, but the equipment after using for a long time will be due to improper operation or some other reasons cause all sorts of problems, which affect the normal use, for example in stop spending time slightly not consider will incur mechanical deformation, which affects the quality of the equipment, and the deformation reason what cause equipment? , steam heating, sometimes rendering infarction blockages, milking machine steam pipe heating will not very average, once the local temperature rise speed is not divided, will make up the thermal deformation. Average, heating may be not incurred. If the consumer manufacturing equipment preheating temperature through the fast rise in, when in a cold, warmed up deformation is easier to attack. If, milking machine out of the board is not smooth, make the hair in front of the slab and at the back of the plate collision, is easy to make the front of the slab fiber pile up. If not found in time, equipment booster will present bending deformation condition is incurred. Above is the cause of formation of milking machine deformation, in fact, the main reason is that in the process of consumption, so be careful if you stop spending time must be the cause of the above, in accordance with the right steps to stop spending, of course, found in stop spending time equipment has deformation phenomenon, should immediately stop work, and timely find the cause the cause of deformation, then on the basis of reason to find suitable treatment plans to stop.
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