The characteristics of the racecourse guardrail in daily use

by:Desing      2020-03-30
Every Thai suye production the racecourse guardrail appearance, novel style, consolidate and durable, anti-aging, easy maintenance, simple installation, consolidate and durable features, does not have edges and corners around the assumptions can present change in a large protect humans and horses from damage. The racecourse barrier characteristics: 1, easy to clean Water pipes can be washed clean. 2, no paint. 3, and other plastic products, our fence in daily use the characteristics of the racecourse guardrail will not rust, faded yellow may be corrupt. 4, through strict test, it can withstand harsh weather horse brake test conditions. 5, safe design, no show screws, bracket, etc. Risk components. 6, do not contain toxic racetrack material of the fence. 7, do not form the environment pollution, recycled. 8, a variety of optional rail fixed way, make the rail tightly fixed in position. 9, installation walk a horse fence machine is simple, convenient. 10 and, unlike other walk a horse machine products, our professional design can make the guardrail according to customer's request at any slope, Angle. Racecourse barrier bar structure ordinary racetrack fence pole and pillar, main rod head is often referred to as the horse gate; Columns can also be called a riser, is used to support the director. Director of wall thickness in accordance with the standard walk a horse kingdom machine enclosure is 1. 2 mm, the racecourse barrier in life often walk a horse machine to see, for example, stair railing, balcony guardrail, bridge parapet and so on. So when the horse fence in daily use, what are the benefits? 1, project price is low, convenient transportation; 2, use common, good stability, suitable for large area USES; 3, good corrosion and aging resistance, long using time. 4, product color bright is diversiform, can very good into the surrounding environment. 5, the racecourse guardrail assembly sensitive, convenient, the installation is not restricted by terrain, the construction unit sensitivity is strong, solar anti-dazzle fence light can be adjusted at any time according to site requirements and structural type and size, and also can be used with the corresponding column.
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