The choice of milking machine three parts

by:Desing      2020-04-02
- - - - - - 0 - 0 milking machine three parts, the choice of milking machine was widely used in various large farms, livestock and other places, its performance is very good, very big level reduced capital spending, save time and effort working efficiency is high, so the product ability more and more people like. People all know that used this product, the product mainly includes rubber parts, milk, milk tube, rotary vane vacuum pump, rubber tube, special cleaning brush, etc. , the so-called vulnerable parts is very easy to in a certain environment was damaged parts, so here we say that the choice of three parts. ( ) Rubber lining milking machine of rubber lining quality is very important, lining the using life of the ordinary milk is the first time, can be used to calculate. At present, there are two main types of the using life of milk line, namely 00 00 first time and first time. Due to poor lining cracking, elastic rubber milk milk or break can form abnormal, coerce cows ankang or landed the milk quality, therefore, the conditional user should be timely changed the milk imported rubber lining of the same model, the milk line special soft, elastic, can give the nipples very good maintenance. ( ) Milk request pipe diameter is large enough, should not be less than. Mm, wall lubrication, soft hard moderate, has certain elasticity, the vacuum degree of work ( 0 kpa) Not deformation, non-toxic and acid, alkali cleaning fluid. Some prosperous country rules must be using the new composite materials ( Such as silica gel) Made of transparent tube, tube to examine the milking machine milk, and cleaning are lunch, and long use life. ( ) Rotary vane vacuum pump is an important part in vacuum pump, made of special wear-resistant materials. Its performance is good or bad resolution the swept volume of vacuum pump and using life, so a change in the consumer must choose normal manufacturer of qualified products. Therefore, in the purchase of the three parts above time must understand to pay more attention to matters a lot, want oneself to learn more about this aspect of the content, in the purchase of the milking machine don't just listen to the consumer factory in side of the story, will I learn to check, shoddy, avoid some manufacturer to purchase inferior parts, use short time to stop the change again. We also need pay attention to is that it must pay attention to choose when to stop wearing parts to change the model can and I use model can match, its quality is qualified.
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