The choice of the stable distribution

by:Desing      2020-03-28
Stable layout selection based on the stable and corridor, normal thought that there are three kinds of design: single row, double row or island type design. If outside climate compare with peace, single stable are common, and the inside of the corridor is comfortable working environment for horses caregivers. When the horse most time outdoors, but also comfortable and stable, also can use single stable. In the United States, double row stable used to foster public horses and race system, block aisles of horse care work is very important. Island type design for horses more concentrated training, such as speed racing, stable 'ring corridor' is to let the horse around the cooling or training horses as soon as possible. ( 1) Single row l single stable stable structure is to point to a stable layer, the stable display side by side. L horses can indirectly the stable access to the outdoor air, seen from behind or in front of the stable outdoor activities. L the stable door leads to the stable yard, or public rangeland alone. L work equestrian equipment corridor has a shade, the roof or equestrian equipment sealed type. Compared with other two kinds of design, single stable structure is very beautiful, it has increased to the maximum level equestrian equipment sealed space. Horses and closer to the natural environment, every horse can have a satisfactory stables. However, unless stable is local blockade, difficult to maintain the stable design horses nurse from the effects of the weather. ( 2) Double row stable ( Corridor in two rows of the stable two head) The structure of the stable l side by side, two rows of the stable face to face, two for the wide corridor corridor: l brush fixed horses, horses, for horses, let cool horses; When clearing the stable horses will be put on aisle corridor at the end of the stable design, make a corridor to serve two rows of the stable, energetic application of the external space. Horses this design maintenance, avoid the influence of the internal environment. And the stable design allows stable side can discern configuration a door, convenient pass in and out. ( 3) Design of island type stable l back two rows of the stable, all the stable door for the corridor surrounded around the l the aisle to around the stable l type design is another island, in two rows of the stable head and two aisles, the stable door leads to the corridor in the island type design, both ends horses can be fixed in the corridor, in order to cool. If the stable ceiling is high enough, also can be the activity, horse stables in such conditions, dust removal is very important. Usually, the design of stable, unable to sunlight into the stable. Compared with other two kinds of design, it is of every horse uniform air product most, so unless often use rated aisle, or it is a low efficiency of the design. Of course, other stables and corridor design can also be very successful. Especially other stable building after renovation, the stable and the corridor design variability is stronger. In general, straight and wide corridor for the personnel management of horses, bedding, captive and qing stables provide safe environment is invalid. Stable can be indirectly lead to outdoor, and the horses can see inside the stable stable inside and outside activities, so as not to make them feel drab. Good stable design of secondary effect is improved from time to time, for the horses and comfortable living environment. Of course, in addition to comfortable, the most important still is applicable. Stable no matter more or less stable, private or commercial, should be well designed, sturdy, attractive. It is the most fundamental role in the maintenance of horses when bad weather, insist on stable air novel dry all the year round, horse to avoid damage. Whether private or commercial stable are convenient to apply. Think about the safety of the stable elements, try to use less pointed projections, eliminate fire hazard, solid enough not hurt the horses. The door, the stable door and corridor to set aside enough space for people passing by. Set aside special and enough space to deposit associated with horses, saddles and equipped with tools. The other should be rated space, bedding, hay, and manure. Some stable design allows the himself to the rangeland or riding horse field, but alone stables of the horse, a pony mares to foster care separately. Stable structure size of choice depends on the racecourse, outside the weather, available funds and horse owners group interests. Of course, also want to consider the overall appeal of good maintenance and equipment. Construction, abundant application conditions of the original building, economically decorated horses captive, cleaning and maintenance of health manpower. About the stable and the other related to horse built, all above will mention some of the features to be evaluated, the other on the content of the stable design, will be in after serial is introduced in detail. Sensitivity: assume that the future will be rebuilt, the existing stable and can meet the demand of reconstruction. If can be on the premise of cheap and easily converted into other applicable building will be stable, Such as house, garage, warehouse) The sensitivity will typically add industry's resale value. Appeal: good design can increase the value of the building, in the energetic develop its function as well as aesthetic value, construct proportion is appropriate, coordinated with surrounding environment, nothing can add more stable to the racecourse landscape attraction.
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