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by:Desing      2020-03-29
In 2015 at the end of march, we just instrument co. , LTD. Shanghai heng new listed a weighing device, electronic scales, the electronic scales is our designers, engineers, technical workers and Yang fellow managers such as research and development, through unremitting efforts, continuous improvement, the electronic scale is now listed at last! Of course, a listed by the vast number of users love, beautiful appearance, and very easy to use and then below small make up to introduce our company to you the electronic scale, inductive interest or like friends welcome everyone to come to our company of choose and buy! Electronic scale standard optional printer: used to print the weight data form large screen optional: used for remote reading convenient said Taiwan and sensors: - 20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃ today was good news, Shanghai yao hua digital electronic truck scale anti-cheating system for 2014 year China light industry federation, science and technology progress third prize. Weighing apparatus is a kind of widely used can be used to settle trade of weighing equipment, the measured value of accurate or not is closely related to the interest of individuals and businesses. As the cheating methods emerge in endlessly, anti-cheating become weighing apparatus industry in recent years is difficult to conquer the customer calls the most pressing needs. Shanghai yao hua from technology and application on overcome the difficulties of weighing apparatus anti-cheating, comprehensive utilization of the data security, electronic communications, sensors, networks, cloud computing and Internet of things, such as technology, combined with a number of patented technology, developed a series of low cost and high reliability of weighing apparatus anti-cheating system. The system in the popularization and application of effective prevention of the hundreds of cases of cheating behavior, protect the safety of the trade settlement with customer directly, in the customer group formed the good response, effectively promote the technological progress and standardize the development of weighing apparatus industry in China. Products operating temperature 0 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃. Computer management system: for the weight data further processing, storage, transmission, etc. Different companies in the scale, emphasizing the parameters and different emphases, but roughly the same. Electronic scale shows that: (1) USES the pattern U steel ( The sixth generation) Good structure, the overall structure, strong rigidity, good manufacturability, meet a transverse force is not easy to deformation, surface coated aluminium epoxy anticorrosive paint have antiseptic effect. National standard panel 4 mm 2 pattern steel slope can be convenient goods using the up and down. (3) stainless steel weighing sensor, ( Import KeLi sensor) Automatic reset force structure, has the overload protection function. Superior performance system measure, high precision, fast transmission speed, long-term working stability, and has the function of anti-corrosion, installation and maintenance. (4) to the scale USES the pattern steel wear-resisting, resistance to impact, the overall surface chemical process is beautiful, corrosion resistance, mesa of the lacquer that bake, can be used easily monitor linked with weight control, weight data and start to read other features. 5] zero ( Boot/manual) Range adjustable, connecting loadometer dedicated intelligent display instrument, reading is accurate, clear; A variety of units to choose from, zero tracking, automatic correction function, the scale surface to carbon steel ( Stainless steel) Material and carbon steel ( Stainless steel) The basis of the skeleton, strong and durable. Electronic scales pictures show: in this paper, by the Shanghai constant friendship to share just instrument co. , LTD, if you also want to know more detailed information about the electronic scale are welcome to inquire! Relevant recommendations: electronic scale specification
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