The construction of horses

by:Desing      2020-04-01
Nightsoil channels: nightsoil channel is horse in and out of the channel, the more into the cement road surface, road should have a certain slope, and antiskid carved lines. Nightsoil channel width 1. 5 - 2 meters. Ma also leave nightsoil channel on both ends of the bar, width of 1. 5 - 2 meters. Feed channel: in front of the feeder set feed channel. Channel stable air above 10 centimeters advisable. Ordinary feed channel width 1. 5 - 2 meters. Horse circle door: circle usually ends in the house, which is for dressage fence local feed set two side channel, longer dressage horse in longitudinal wall fence leeward side of chaoyang is a door, in order to people, horses, should make it double push door, door without sill, its stable for 2 - size 2. 2 m x 2 - 2. It is advisable to 2 meters. Playground: captive kind of horses, calves, should establish the playground. Playground stable my humble abode in two free zone, fenced-in around, tied the horse or onto them. Its should be accounted for area of each horse! : 15 - into a horse 20 square meters, 10 - bred horses 5-15 square metre, calves horse 10 square meters. The playground of the stable air with stone advisable. In the sports field set supplementary feeding trough dressage fence and sink. Supplementary feeding trough and sink should be set at the side of the stadium, its quantity wants enough, layout reasonable, lest horse to dodge, drinks, contradiction. Horse bed, the bed is the middle of the horse to eat and rest, the length of the horse bed varies according to the size of the hippocampus. Ordinary horse bed design is to make the forequarters near wall after the chute, hind legs close to the horse on the edge of the bed, feces can indirectly into dung groove. Adult female horse long 1 bed. 8 - 2 m, width of 1. 1 - 1. 3 meters; Long 2 - a stallion bed 2. 2 m, width of 1. 3 - 1. 5 meters; Fattening bed long 1 horse. 9 - 2. 1 m, width of 1. 2 - 1. 3 meters; More than 6 months of age bred horses long 1 bed. 7 - 1. 8 meters, width 1 - 1. 2 meters. Horse bed should be 5 cm higher than the air, it is advisable to insist on a steep slope, for the scour and stick to boring. Horse is very good with stone as the air bed, heat preservation and protection stumbles. Built fixed feeder, feeder, activity type. Cement tank, iron groove, wooden trough all feeder can be used as a horse. The length of the feeder, in contrast to the horse bed width, top 60 - wide 35-70 cm, the bottom width 45 cm, nearly horse side channel 40 - high 50 cm, much horse side channel - 70 80 cm, base with arc, railings, after the feeder is used to block the horse.
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