The construction of milking parlour is the trend of The Times

by:Desing      2020-04-09
Today's dairy already more and more into the regularization, milking parlour of construction is the proof. Work in our impression of the milk may be a television in the prairie or individual operations in Dallas circle, actually in the regularization of the milking today, milking parlour have replaced the former, build milking parlour is also the trend of The Times. Milking parlour is a workshop for cows, is located in the cattle farm. Cow's milk with varieties of cattle, highly breeding and breeding of good varieties, mainly piebold cows, the cows in China from 1980 shandong province bureau of animal husbandry of cattle and sheep breeding base began to introduce the varieties, the varieties, strong adaptability, wide distribution, high milk yield, resistance to forage. Piebold cow is also called Chinese holstein cows, Chinese holstein cows have one hundred years of history, its breeding process is very complicated. In a word, it is by purebred cattle and Dutch local cows of high generation of hybrid after long-term breeding. The milking parlour now is in the milk station. Intensive stations are in cattle. Part of Inner Mongolia free-range milking parlour is in the milk station, go to the cattle to milk station. The average milking parlour are two pumps. In the middle is a deep groove, milking station below, with high-pressure pipe ( Also not too high pressure) After cleaning nipples and disinfected on the cup. Pumping containers are glass, carved with kg, finished, write down how much jins, can take down the milk cup. He went out from the other side. Is suitable for long-term drinking milk nutrients, drinks, is also the important raw material of modern dairy industry. Directly reflect the economic benefits of the milking parlour is ranch, milking parlour shoulder the multiple departments at the same time the performance results. So, work with more pressure and responsibility, in the daily work of supervision and inspection, strict requirements employees according to standard operating process execution, to ensure the quality and the quality of milk. Maintenance of equipment on a regular basis, reduce the frequency of failure damage, ensure effective milking time.
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