The content of the milking machine regularly check

by:Desing      2020-03-21
Milking machine is widely used in animal husbandry, equipment with the continuous development of technology, gradually into the line of sight of people, we all know that any equipment after a period of time after use, due to the improper use, sometimes appears the problem of low efficiency, so in order to avoid this kind of situation happened, and we always inspect the equipment. 1. Check equipment wiring can correctly, must pay attention to is: equipment factory for oil free state, the equipment working 300 hours after a change in a smooth and oil, oil change every 5000 hours later and stop, maintenance. 2. Use milking machine equipment should check before its internal oil, oil amount to 2/5 of the diameter is advisable. 3. Start to light when start, regularly check the oil level, on the basis of sealing condition adjustment or change oil seal oil seal spring. Milking machine equipment to be stable in use process to normal work, we still need to do some more work, these mainly include the correct operation, normal maintenance and before starting skills, etc. , on the premise of these we can do, believe that the equipment is in use will be relatively smooth.
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