The correct use of milking machine

by:Desing      2020-04-15
Staff in the use of milking machine will correct use milking machine accessories? Let's take a look at the following of milking machine, milking process information to regulate our milking. Proper use of milking machine milking, milking should keep a good environment, to avoid the noise and special sound, don't let strangers near. Milking cannot be fed with dust in the feed, every cow milking time is fixed, not arbitrarily change. After milking machine, the machine sent to squeeze the information should be shut off valves, eliminate the negative pressure on the milk claw, gently stimulate the secretion of milk claw off again, with disinfection liquid medicine medicated bath nipples. Manual milk, milk collection of the reentry after being squeezed in a lot of milk, with disinfection liquid medicine after dipping nipples. In addition, with the towel, wipe before milking cows breast should be a cow a, don't post, mix. Recycling towels must be sterilized before use, we must disinfection towel. Use towel to dry state, not dripping water. It is best to use disinfection paper, a cow a, don't repeat use. Medicated bath nipple disinfectant to often change, long-term use of a single species of avoid by all means. After the milk every day, the disinfectant of medicated bath cup to scrap. Milk cows with mastitis, at the last, milk or backup device, crowded after strict cleaning and disinfection related milking machine accessories.
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