The correct use of the cow milking machine

by:Desing      2020-04-05
- - - - - - 0 - 0 the correct use of the cow milking machine cow milking machine correct use of the relationship between the quality of milk and cow breast safety, so, we need to understand the usage of the cow milking machine in detail. Like hand milking, use milking the cow milking machine should also be in hot water before ( 0~C) Scrub and massage a breast. Open the switch, switch on the power supply, make the motor rotation. Adjust the vacuum pressure gauge, the vacuum is close to zero - cm, usually can't 0 cm higher. Then thick rubber tube on the switch of the catheter, turn on the switch. Then hand clenched milk a cup of milk, milk open the switch on the lid with another hand, from the far side of the milk cup set on the nipples. Pulsator pulsation frequency general adjustment to 0-0 times/min. In milking process, through pipe is peer observation on milking machine milk flow conditions, such as no milk flow out of date, namely the milking barrel should be closed on the switch on the switch or catheter, gently remove the milk cup, hung on milking lid. New kind of milk cup can fall off automatically according to the milk flow situation. After each finished milking, he or she shall put the pail and related parts in contact with the milk remove clean, first rinse with cold water, then use ℃ hot water washing. Method (is connected to main Crude rubber tube) Back, open the switch on the catheter, collection of milk, milk make a cup of water, milk and then open the lid on the switch, the water absorption into the milking stools, wash wash bucket again after breast milk cup and tube cover and barrel wall. Wash finish again with hot water washing, then put the milking machine hung on the rack to dry. Cow milking machine plays a significant in the dairy process, so the user must skillfully grasp the correct way of using the equipment, such ability to give full play to its effect, improve the efficiency of milking.
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