The cow milking machine

by:Desing      2020-03-12
With the scale enlargement of dairy cattle breeding, especially in the development of animal husbandry breeding area, milk cow milking machine has become a community construction and the large-scale dairy farmers facing the reality of technical problems, is the basic requirement of modern agricultural production safety agricultural products. Just look at together. 1, the hall type cow milking machine which is a way of mechanized milking scale required equipment. In a building, set 12 ~ 36 head milking scale, will secrete group concentrated in one or more of the milking stage to milk, milk room size is according to the size of the cattle feeding and management to develop. Points herringbone milking parlour, rotary milking parlour, side-by-side milking parlour, common herringbone milking parlour. Milk hall work reduces the labor intensity, improve work efficiency, guarantee the milking cows in health and comfortable environment, improve the hygiene standards and productivity of milk, the improvement of the operation conditions of artificial. At the same time, the ministry of agriculture agricultural pollution-free fresh milk must adopt mechanized milking action plan requirements. Milk milk can also be divided into electronic measuring hall hall and milk bottle type measuring hall. Electronic measuring hall: milk is suitable for the modern scale to zap its performance and advantage is automatic metering, fall off, electronic display a variety of functions, automatic cleaning and sanitation. Milk bottle type measuring hall: suitable for household scale breeding, meter in the breeding of milk form, performance and advantage is measuring bottle metering, automatic cleaning, simple and intuitive, practical, reliable, economic and practical configuration, performance and reasonable price. 2, pipeline cow milking machine, the equipment is suitable for the tie-down type breeding dairy and livestock area. 100 head of cattle barn to install this models is more appropriate, at the same time for six to eight cows milk. Milk collection in the closed system, milk ducts for stainless steel pipe, ensure the quality of raw milk, based on the system and cleaning and sanitation. Milk automatically collected, in situ circulation cleaning, ensure milk health, economic and practical. 3, portable cow milking machine this equipment is suitable for small dairy farms and free-range cows individual users. Single bucket packed a cow at a time, double bucket at a time can squeeze two cows at the same time, each cow milking time is 5 ~ 8 min. Single bucket is suitable for use milking cow group under 15 head, double bucket is suitable for 20 ~ 30 in the cow group. The car is a vacuum pump milk, milk cup, milk bucket on a car, has the advantages of mobile operation, economic, and convenient. Depending on the feeding size and the automation program requirements, and how many money, can choose different cow milking machine to ensure the quality of raw milk, milk can improve quantity, save labor, increasing the income of dairy farmers.
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