The cow milking machine in the application of the requirements

by:Desing      2020-05-04
Thank you for your attention to our web site, I believe everyone of our cow milking machine also has a certain understanding, below small make up to you to introduce the cow milking machine in the application of the requirements, learn together! , milkman training qualified rear can mount guard: at ordinary times should pay attention to health, work clothes often should change and regular disinfection, long fingernails short and smooth, in the process of operation to at any time with sterilized wet wipe clean hands. To be equipped with familiar with cow milking machine of professional management, maintenance, maintain the cow milking machine. Milk of dairy cow milking machine, vacuum degree requirements: vacuum rate is too high, easy to make milk sphincter damage to outer, its mouth there hard; Vacuum rate is too low, will reduce the milking speed, milk cup is easy to fall off. So, high pipeline milking machine vacuum pressure should be kept in, ~, kPa. , pulsator pulsation frequency requirements: high frequency can damage milk sphincter, bacteria easy invasion; Frequency is too low, easy to make milk hyperemia, induce mastitis. Normal pulse frequency ~ beats per minute. Should be tested once a week pulse frequency, keep pulse frequency stability. Met the tame cow, pay attention to safety, be careful on the milk cup, so as not to hurt or be kicked cattle bad milk cup. Can use rope the cow two hind trapping; Also can use left hand try to gently touch the breast, after waiting for cattle distraction, quickly put the milk cup set. Is to use the second approach, after a period of time, the cow will naturally be tamed. In the process of operation, be careful driving and treat cow, cannot use beating and kicked. More information about the cow milking machine is only for your reference, hope some help to you when using the products of our company, if you have any questions can be consulting to my company, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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