The cow milking machine of the leakage protector the frequent trip

by:Desing      2020-03-24
Cow milking machine main part is a general power electric leakage protector QF, for the safe use of the equipment have very good effect. But in actual use may occur the problem of frequent trip, what reason is caused? How to troubleshoot? The reason of the leakage protector the frequent trip is due to the use environment of the cow milking machine wet or rat and customer leakage phenomena caused by improper maintenance. Method can be used for inspection, all the overload protector QF pump is cut off, connect only one pump for continuous operation at a time, to detect whether influence the leakage protector, find out a set of circuit has a problem. Priority check the power supply line insulation electric cabinet terminal row in the direction of the pump body is damaged, whether the node be affected with damp be affected with damp, if there is a water near the breast pump, may also enter the motor winding short-circuit, if it is electricity appear when debugging this fault, also check whether repeated by zero or power supply is lack of phase. Cow milking machine leakage protector in the problem of frequent trip, milk can affect not only the efficiency, and it frequently will cause certain damage to milking equipment, found that the problem must be timely in so use trying to solve.
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