The cow milking machine paint shrivel

by:Desing      2020-03-21
Paint is the cow milking machine surface aesthetic measure, but sometimes we found that the paint has a shrinking phenomenon, caused by what is this? 1, improper drying method results in uneven paint dry cow milking machine. If just spray paint layer for drying or forcibly drying too quickly, or paint shop temperature is too high, it will cause shrinkage, it will delay the drying speed of the inner layer of paint. When the inner paint dry, will make the cow milking machine surface paint a contraction phenomenon. 2, the paint layer is too thick or too wet, will make the inner layer of paint cannot and outer layer of paint with the same speed release of solvent and dry, surface deformation will occur and wrinkles. Should adopt the method of multiple spraying, in order to reduce the one-time spraying paint layer thickness. 3, used the wrong thinner or incompatible materials. Use quick dry thinners or use volatile in enamel paint thinner will cause shrinkage. Must use quick dry thinners, in accordance with the relevant provisions in the high temperature season should reduce the dosage of the fast dry thinners. The cause of the cow milking machine paint shrivel it is possible that the paint quality is unqualified, it could also be affected by the external environment, so in the actual construction should pay more attention.
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