The daily maintenance of milking machine

by:Desing      2020-04-06
- - - - - - 0 - 0 the daily maintenance of the daily maintenance of milking machine milking machine that is important because if the equipment malfunction, the daily maintenance of milking machine. Can affect our work efficiency, so for the daily maintenance of the equipment knowledge is helpful to us. To timely replacement of milking machine rubber seals. Rubber seals on the vacuum tank, six months after a continuous use, will have different degree of aging and deformation, can be replaced according to actual condition, Such as leakage) 。 To check the drive belt of the milking machine. Motor and pump pulley has strict debugging before they go out, can ensure the motor and pump pulley in the same plane, so users don't assemble themselves. In use process to check whether the drive belt is often wear or too loose, if the belt too loose tension, if wear the need to change. To adhere to the vacuum tank and stabilizer screen clean. Inside the vacuum pump is not allowed to have any debris into the small, or its performance will be affected by a lot, even cause damage. Nor the vacuum can have sundry, every time after milking milking the net inside cavity. Hope everyone can master, after these knowledge, can reduce the frequency of equipment failure happened at the same time also can bring us more economic benefits.
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