The development trend of rubber kraal pad

by:Desing      2020-04-09
Cause is the result of natural rubber vulcanization rubber additives. Through the study of more than eighty years, until the 20th century 20 ~ 30 s, as a basic variety of vulcanization accelerator 2 - Mercaptobenzothiazole sulfonamide derivatives and their times and industrialization of benzene 2 amine stabilizer, rubber additives to basic form system. At present, rubber additives in stable period, sulfide accelerator and stabilizer two main production of organic additives for rubber consumption of about 4%. Foreign rubber fertilizer production is concentrated, the federal republic of Germany's bayer monsanto stock company and the United States is the leading manufacturer. China rubber additives ( The organic fertilizer) Production began in 1952. Product localization in China tire enterprises should have their own brand and world brand, must have their own a set of core technologies. We don't rule out the introduction of foreign advanced technology, equipment and rubber additives, etc. , but these are our advantage, more can't be stuck at some critical moments, so localization is very important. In terms of localization, the first thing to number of guarantees are there, can't, also asked that the quality is stable, can't well at times but very badly at others. If the number does not guarantee, quality is not stable, will spend a lot of energy to make the tire enterprises processing due to the temporary change of rubber additives may produce all sorts of problems. We emphasize localization, pay attention to localization and there is another important reason, is the price. Rubber additives abroad is expensive, we are forced to use. If the localization of rubber additives quantity guarantee, stable quality, excellent performance, price cheap, will get the welcome of tire enterprises. As far as I know, many foreign companies are also purchasing production of various rubber additives in China. Demand report Freedonia latest research report, the next three years the global rubber fertilizer sales will be 4. 7% annual growth rate continued to rise, demand in 2015 will amount to about 1. 4 million tons. The report also pointed out that the demand of rubber additives in the asia-pacific region will lead the global growth, especially in China. The rubber fertilizer demand in Asia and the Pacific to 8. Rapid growth of 1% annual growth, by 2015 more than 57. 50000 tons. In contrast, the United States, Western Europe and Japan in the next few years rubber fertilizer demand growth rate will be less than 1%. Antiager demand is expected to 4. 6% of the average annual growth rate. By 2015, the promoter demand is expected to be more than 41. 50000 tons, processing aid and a goo demand will reach nearly 130000 tons. ( 1] Harmless in the process of processing tires, rubber to rubber mixing, vulcanization process, such as under the action of high temperature and high pressure, can release some poisonous and harmful gases. These gases, hazardous to people's health. To improve the operation of the workers' working environment, reduce the toxic and harmful gases, which is important to eliminate the poisonous and harmful rubber additives, using environmental protection rubber additives. Tyre in use process, and continue to be the role of high temperature and high pressure, cause tire ozone aging, some harmful gas release. The United States can take advantage of this, some of our country tire enterprises export tyre barriers. And Japan's bridgestone tyre company to develop a unique additives, inhibition of tires in use for heating and the sulfur and rubber molecules continue crosslinking reaction and make the tire and rubber to harden, improved the tire of the brake, tractional and tire noise. The noise of the tire is also a kind of environmental pollution. A hundreds of thousands of cars on the road constantly, will resonate, this noise will influence people to rest and sleep. Urban elevated road both sides set up noise barriers, this is a negative way. Fundamentally, still need to improve the structure of the tire and rubber recipe. Science and technology in recent years, the development of rubber additives industry in China also soon, especially some foreign companies to enter this field, rubber additives in China both in the quantity, quality and technology has greatly improved, can basically meet the needs of rubber industry in China. However, suitable for high performance of radial tire less some dosage, good quality, high performance of rubber additives still need to import. Rubber additives industry in China, therefore, to increase investment in science and technology, efforts to innovation, and actively develop new rubber additives suitable to China's tire industry development. Of course, want to complete the task, tire industry is duty-bound. Hope, therefore, tire enterprises, rubber additives and rubber research institutes actively, strengthen cooperation and common development path, as soon as possible to shorten the gap between rubber additives rubber additives in China and abroad. In rubber additives industry, also in the positive development of nanometer zinc oxide, nano carbon black, nano calcium carbonate, etc. , these nanoscale rubber additives, to improve quality, improve the tire performance rubber is very beneficial. In short of rubber additives in China must have high-tech content, can be in an impregnable position in the intense market competition.
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