The difference between life ordinary guardrail and PVC guardrail

by:Desing      2020-03-30
Fence is also called the fence, the mention of 'fence', will be thinking of common public housing, roads, stadium and other public places used for the fence railings, everybody is the rarest of guardrail. Guardrail role secondary has two, one is have isolation effect, one is the role of a protective maintenance. Fence can be used in many central, not only can be used in some public places, colleagues can also be used for consumption. About manufacturing of guardrail, mainly protective equipment of workshop equipment used in fence, including workshop assembly line, industrial robots, etc. Guardrail construction equipment can be the normal operation of workshop of consumption, extend the using life of equipment, but also to avoid the workshop workers are damaged due to reasons such as mechanical failure, especially in industrial robots now widely used in the international manufacturing industry. 1, PVC guardrail on the component of cohesion, different from other ordinary guardrail, ordinary plastic racecourse guardrail guardrail most material although it is not rust, but due to the metal screw connection, and is easy to rust, this is the death of it; Some non PVC guardrail used racecourse no fence metal ( Chemical) A joint connection is not strong. Old PVC guardrail model steel guardrail racecourse is different, use common processing equipment, the joining the central to the plastic parts, plastic hole cover, thoroughly dealt with rust and racetrack fence is not strong, is not rusted fence, in the true sense and have a racetrack fence not conductive and explosion-proof function. Innovative way of tenon cohesion, make plastic stem racecourse guardrail and rail, rail and pillar of the racecourse enclosures cohesion dealt with ordinary guardrail racecourse guardrail in the screw connection parts will rust quickly serious flaws. 2, PVC guardrail rail, pillar adopt steel strengthening, adopts the plastics to connect a socket, the device is very simple, universal connecting piece can be quickly installed on the slope and composite column appearance often new not old, resilience than wood. But more flexible and impact resistant safety insurance for human, suitable for schools, kindergartens, does not need to paint, will not fade, peeling, crack, bubble, peeling and bug eat by moth, self-provided strengthen pillar, no longer needs lei build by laying bricks or stones stone pillars, reduce the project cost. And strong strength higher than that of stone pillars device. 3, PVC fence barriers have been restrained uneven appearance and corrosion of fatal flaw, the fence is we see before coating is shattered, rusting, color drab, without burnish, is not beautiful. And PVC plastic barrier USES in the metal extrusion cladding vinyl plastic special-shaped material appearance and plastic mechanical manufacture process, in the surface layer and the whole section to participate in large doses, the different proportion of anti-aging agent, volatility agent, color is gorgeous, luster. 4, PVC guardrail without missing any central metal goods, the insulation of the real goods, apply to communities, substation chamber, real explosion-proof products, metal fracture strike out sparks, applicable to the gas station.
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